Title: "Stylish Man"

About the project

Shop for men combining classic clothing such as jackets, leather shoes but also a more frivolous approach such as t-shirts, tank tops, coats and hats.

We start with a big Header where we see immediately, offers to save 40% and start shopping. Large visible menu and login and registration in the upper left corner.

Below we have the most trending topics, for example, the fall in the price of shoes for the upcoming holidays, so you should buy sunglasses, accessories that will be useful for every escapade to the club or for long walks and shirts for every budget.

Below, selected products. These are the best-rated and stylish products. Next, the big inscription Get Ready for Summer New Collection. Below we have a blog where, there are articles on the latest fashion trends, how to help yourself, for example in supplying a man’s bag, and why jewelry gives you Super powers.

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