Title: "Coach"

About the project

One pager associated with coaching. From the beginning, we see the logo and the coach person. Subdued colors and a lot of space behind the person gives us a quick look at where you can arrange a session and what to do next. Below are the four most important features and skills that a coach can teach us what he specializes in and what he recommends in his assortment.

Next we have courses that start soon, one of them is a free consultation another is a course during which we can learn time management or see a coach in action with a larger audience. Below are the references of people who trusted the coach and logos of companies that also reported to expand their skills. Next, we have ways in which coaching can help you, including brief descriptions of what a personal trainer can give us.

Plans and priceing, and at the end of the contact form, let you know that at this point you can book your session so that you do not lose another opportunity to achieve your goal.

Colors are toned down in the most important points like buttons or also more vivid ones, for example, orange, which means that you have to do some action.

Logo made of name and surname with small graphics.

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